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Мои русскоязычные френды и так в курсе, поэтому по просьбам заграничных френдов напишу для них.

Well, due the last downs of LJ I've been asked by my foreign friends, what the hell is going on with LJ. A short answer is nothing particular, just a revelation of some government's doings.So, I'd like to show a contradiction between what we see in official news, and what happens in the real life.

Just one little example.

According to the most official sources of information, there is written that the government plans to keep the inflation level at position by 7%. Any russian citizen knows that it is definite lie, because when we are going to stores we can see there completely controversial situation with prices, which have been increasing rapidly for the last 4 year.

Every week I go to a hypermarket and do grocery shopping. Items that I'm buying are mostly similar, but a sum in total has grown more than 3 times since 2007.

Below is a scan of two slips. The first one was got on the 14th of March, the second one I got the day before yesterday. I marked there positions with changed prices. The first items are some milk cocktails which my children love, cost in the March 71 roubles, but in the April it costs 83.40, so the price has grown by 16%. Another significant item it is an apple juice (200 ml) that cost in March 10.63 roubles. The day before yesterday it cost already 12 roubles. The increase is not so much, but it means 20%.

What do all these things mean? They mean that our government lives in some parallel universe that doesn't correspond with ours. And it means that I'll do all efforts to move out of here as soon as possible.

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