Apr. 22nd, 2011

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Вчера Карина получила крайне интересное письмо из Пенсионного Фонда. Там написано, что согласно её заявлению накопительная часть пенсии была переведена в негосударственный пенсионный фонд "Ренессанс Жизнь и Пенсии". Есть только один маленький нюанс. Карина никогда не подписывала никаких договоров и заявлений на эту тему. Т.е. попросту говоря, кто-то спионерил её пенсионные накопления. Написал письмо в Генпрокуратуру. Посмотрим, как события будут развиваться дальше.

Yesterday Karina received a quite interesting letter from the State Pensions Fund authority. There is written that according to the application which she lodged at 31.12.2010 her pensions saving has been moved to the non-government pensions fund "Reneissance Life and Pensions".

For understanding what's going on, I'd like to make clear that in Russia any person has an opporunity to dispose of a part of pensions saving transferring it into some non-government pensions fund in order to get more money in future. If you'd like to do it, you have to lodge an application to the State Pensions Fund. However, nobody can be sure that these non-governments funds will survive by the time when this person retires. So, both my wife and I haven't taken any action with our pensions savings, and Karina's saving was in the State Pensions fund till 31.12.2010, when she, allegedly, applied and signed some papers for moving her saving to that unknown non-government pensions fund.

And there exists some ridiculous moment. My wife has never applied or signed such an application. In other words, it simply means that her pensions saving was stolen, so we've written a complain to the Prosecutor's General Office. Looking how events will develop further.


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