Jan. 14th, 2011 09:14 am
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Well, I've created an account at facebook.com, so you may add me to your friend list.


As well as I have an account at yandex.ru (http://ovel.ya.ru). I'm going to add these links on my WWW page (http://www.ovel.ru) today.
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Вот это я просто не могу понять. Зашел тут сегодня в дисконт детской одежды и увидел шапку, Ничего особенного, обычная вязаная шапка со стразами, бумбоном и торчащими нитками. Стразы не swarovski.

I can't undertstand this. This is definitely unfathomable for me. I've been in the shop today that offers a lot of discounts for children garments, and I saw a hat there. The hat didn't contain something valuable, it was just knitted red hat with a pompom and several artificial crystals. The crystals weren't from Swarovski. In a nutshell it was just a hat. And what ? The hat had cost about US$500 before rabat, and now it costs about $150. However even $150 is very significantly overpriced for this piece of clothes. I was shocked.

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Не подходил к машине с прошлого года. Вчера собрались с ребёнком ехать на ёлку, а автоматический мобиль вместо запуска двигателя издал только какой-то треск. Прикурил от друга, успели на ёлку. Потом купил новый аккумулятор varta, поставил вчера и вот теперь машина с новой батарейкой. Вопрос только в том, куда теперь девать старый?

I haven't come to my car since last year, however me and my kid were going to go to the New Year Show yesterday. But when I tried to start the engine, it just sounded as sort of snaps.
Therefore I'd invited my friend with his car, connected wires to his car's battery, and as result my car's engine had started. In the evening I bought a new battery 'Varta' and installed it yesterday, so my car has the new battery now and starts very well. But the question is what have I to do with the old battery ?
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IELTS listening

Three-way split
America, the euro zone and the emerging world are heading in different directions 60-second podcasts

1. listen for gist
2. check with the transcript
3. look up all the new words, learn them if you can

step 1 listen to some new podcast = the same procedure (DAY1)
step 2 choose one of the podcasts you are already familiar with and take it down like a dictation

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Дома, наконец-то, завершилась эпопея со шкафом и вот он уже установлен в коридоре. Ура!

Finally, in our flat the built-in coat closet was installed, so all our bags, sacks and other useless stuff were fitted inside the closet.

смотреть дальше на шкаф / look at the closet )
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Похоже, что теперь нет проблемы с тем, кому поставить "D".

I suppose, there isn't any problem who might be assessed with 'D' mark :)
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Вчера приобрёл вот новый фотоаппарат, ура! Продвинутую мыльницу, т.к. зеркалки всё-таки достаточно дороги и тяжелые на вес. В целом, ощущения пока что прекрасные, это девайс, который умеет 18х оптический зум, лёгкий на вес, и снимает здоровское hd видео. Больше информации о фотике можно посмотреть тут: http://www.dpreview.com/news/0907/09072704panafz38.asp

Yesterday I bought a new camera! It's an advanced soap dish, because DSLR cameras are reasonably expensive and heavy. In my humble senses this camera is an excellent device that have 18x optical zoom, lightweight, and it able to take amazing HD video! More information about the camera you may view there: http://www.dpreview.com/news/0907/09072704panafz38.asp

смотреть первые беспонтовые фотки/watch first useless photos )


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